Outsourcing as a way to optimize business

The transfer of accounting, personnel, legal services to outsourcing is used as an effective strategy for organizing business by companies around the world. We understand why.

Outsourcing is a modern management strategy, which is the transfer of the functions of accounting, personnel, legal services to a professional organization (outsourcing company) in order to effectively organize and optimize the company’s business processes.

Who is outsourcing suitable for?

Outsourcing is suitable for any business, but is most relevant for small and medium-sized businesses. For example, if your company employs up to 30 people, then a full-time HR specialist will be free for about 70% of his working time, a similar situation with a lawyer and accountant. In this case, it is advisable to transfer the function of personnel accounting to outsourcing. This will help optimize the work of the company, free up and direct internal resources to the main business activities.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their own business, reduce financial risks, and minimize management and financial costs:

search and selection, workplace equipment (acquisition of a computer/desk/chair/printer/telephone, etc.), Internet costs, stationery, communication services, payment of contributions from wages, bonuses, vacation pay, compensation, payment for information systems and programs (ilex, 1C, etc.), tuition fees.

legal, accounting and HR costs can be charged to expenses, in addition, you save on tax deductions from wages.

all relationships with the outsourcing company are regulated by the contract, including liability. Activities in the field of professional services are usually insured. If your staff accountant makes a mistake, then your company bears the penalties. It is impossible to recover large sums from an accountant registered under an employment contract for dishonest performance of their functional duties. In addition, the process of dismissal of the relevant specialist will require considerable managerial effort. When choosing a contractor for outsourcing accounting, check with the organization for a professional liability insurance contract.

professional outsourcing organizations use only licensed products. Ask a potential contractor how your information will be protected, as well as the availability of an ISO certificate confirming the compliance of the information security management system with the international standard. You must be sure that the contracting company uses only licensed software and your data will be securely protected.

the company - outsourcer provides full succession of employees in the provision of services. If the specialist assigned to you under the contract is not available for an objective reason, another specialist will immediately replace him, while the company's full-time employees may go on sick leave, on vacation, and sometimes just suddenly quit. Specialists work remotely as part of your team in compliance with all reporting deadlines.

professional specialists of the outsourcing company have specialized education and experience in working with organizations in various fields, continuously improve their skills and are trained at the expense of the outsourcing company. If necessary, reporting can be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as in English.

outsourcing companies continuously measure and control the quality of the services provided, conduct annual customer surveys, and the compliance of the quality management system with the international standard is usually confirmed by ISO. When choosing a contractor, ask for an ISO certificate, as well as recommendations and customer reviews about the work of the outsourcing company. It can also be the results of independent surveys of customer satisfaction (CSI) or loyalty (NPS) of the company's customers.

diversified specialists, lawyers, accountants, consultants, IFRS specialists and other specialized specialists are involved in solving complex multi-stage tasks, and the client receives expert knowledge of specialists and ready-made solutions.

guaranteed by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

many companies with offices around the world need a reliable partner to provide outsourcing services. The business reputation of outsourcing companies - members of international networks is confirmed by the reputation of an international network that guarantees the provision of services at a high professional level. The list of such companies can be found using the international rating.