Taxes and transfer pricing


Taxes and transfer pricing

Tax payments make up a significant share of the financial flows of economic entities. Therefore, tax planning, as a way of managing taxation, has become firmly established in the practice of the financial side of life of enterprises.

The essence of tax planning lies in the recognition of each taxpayer’s right to apply all legal means, techniques and methods (including gaps in legislation) to minimize their tax liabilities. Thus, tax planning is a legitimate way to reduce the amount of tax payments using the benefits provided by law and tax reduction techniques.

Transfer pricing

An important part of tax compliance is proper pricing and timely preparation of documentation. Our experts will help you.

Tax Due Diligence

Having ordered this procedure in our company, in the shortest possible time you will receive a reasoned answer about the expediency of financial investments in the object you have planned.

Tax Compliance

Expert support of qualified specialists on tax issues, risk assessment when concluding transactions and implementing international investment projects.
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Tax Compliance Services:

By contacting our company, you will get a real picture of your activities, which will allow you to stabilize your work, protect the company legally, and avoid tax problems.
Tax planning;
Determine the possibility of legitimate tax optimization, etc.;
Determine the most profitable ways of taxing certain areas of business;
Setting up tax accounting, drawing up a declaration;
Analysis of compliance with tax obligations;
Checking the correctness of tax calculation;
Transfer pricing;
Оценка последствий и степени риска по предстоящим сделкам.

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Tax Compliance

Our company provides expert
support of highly qualified
specialists in tax matters,
as well as help to assess possible risks
when concluding transactions and implementing
international investment projects.