Audit and audit services


Audit and audit services

We provide a full range of services.

The company employs high-level auditors with extensive experience working with commercial organizations of any type of activity.

The audit of your company’s accounting and financial statements will be carried out in strict accordance with national auditing rules and/or International Financial Reporting Standards.

When providing audit services, we put an individual approach to each client as the basis. By entrusting the work to a professional team, you gain confidence in your business.

Audit of financial statements of HTP residents

Residents of the Park of High Technologies are among those whose annual financial statements are subject to mandatory audit in accordance with the Regulations "On the Park of High Technologies" and the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Auditing".

Tax audit

Being in the legal field thanks to qualified specialists and a competently conducted tax audit ensures the stability and long-term presence of your company on the market, and also makes it possible to protect your business from excessive attention of fiscal authorities.

Audit of financial statements

An objective assessment of the reliability of financial statements and practical recommendations for correcting identified shortcomings, allowing you to strengthen the internal control system, the financial position of your company, payment and financial discipline, and reduce existing risk factors.

Audit of financial statements (IFRS)

At present, the value of financial statements prepared in accordance with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards is growing.

Independent valuation upon company liquidation

To learn everything about a potential partner at the stage of planning a deal with him, we offer to use the service of legal due diligence review.

Audit services for financial institutions

A complete list of audit and other professional services for banks, non-bank financial institutions, leasing and insurance companies.

Audit services

The audit of your organization will be carried out in accordance with the principle of independence audit and rules of professional ethics.
Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
Audit on a special audit assignment in accordance with the list of issues;
Tax audit;
Audit of separate sections of accounting;
Audit of the correctness of the reflection of operations on accounting accounts;
Audit of organizations with special taxation systems;
Agreed procedures for financial information;
Conducting an assessment of the internal control system and internal audit of the organization.

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An audit of an organization is necessary if:

·       the organization is subject to mandatory audit in in accordance with the law;

·       you need confidence in the correct conduct accounting;

·       planned reorganization or change activities;

·       the company is subject to mandatory audit and audit conducted on a regular basis;

·       the company is included in the selective tax plan checks;

·       change of the chief accountant is planned or the head of the organization.