Outsourcing of accounting and personnel records


Outsourcing of accounting and personnel records

We provide a full range of independent statutory audit and accounting control services.

You will get the opportunity to concentrate on running your business and finding solutions to problems during the economic crisis, shifting all the routine accounting work to our employees.

Payroll preparation

Wages are one of the most important levers for managing the economy. Its calculation is a complex process that requires considerable effort on the part of the financial staff of the company.

Services for HTP residents

With many years of experience in providing audit services to HTP residents, our company offers almost the entire range of analysis and accounting services for your business.

Accounting outsourcing

Professionally organized outsourcing of accounting services and competent work of our Company's specialists is the key to a successful business.

Management Accounting

The complication of business and the need to make managerial decisions in a dynamic and difficult to predict environment led to the process of transforming traditional accounting into a system for processing and analyzing financial information - management accounting.

Tax accounting

Understanding the importance of compliance with tax laws and paying due attention to the correctness of tax accounting and timely submission of reports to the tax authorities, you make your business as transparent as possible.
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Outsourcing of accounting and personnel records

By contacting our company, you will get a real picture of your activities, which will allow you to stabilize your work, protect the company legally, and avoid tax problems.
Setting up and maintaining accounting records;
Payroll preparation;
Setting up and maintaining tax records;
Establishment and maintenance of personnel records;
Establishment and maintenance of management accounting.

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Contact our company, and in our person you will receive a reliable financial assistant!

Benefits of outsourcing:

• Staff of professional accountants
• You save on rent and maintenance of the workplace of each accountant;
• Payment for services under the contract is included in the expenses of the organization, which reduces the tax base for income tax
• Complete information protection: we use only licensed products;
• We work remotely as part of your team;
• Compliance with all reporting deadlines;
• Risk insurance;
• Experience in implementing large and complex projects;
• Regular training of specialists and control.