Tax accounting

Tax accounting

Understanding the importance of compliance with tax laws and paying due attention to the correctness of tax accounting and timely submission of reports to the tax authorities, you make your business as transparent as possible. By outsourcing tax accounting to our specialists, you will receive an optimal income tax accounting system that quickly responds to changes in the field of taxation and contributes to the formation of complete and reliable information about the amount of income and expenses of your organization, allows you to strengthen control during tax accounting, reduce your tax and financial risks.

The range of tax accounting services includes:

Setting up and maintaining tax records,
Optimization of taxation within the framework of the legislation,
Tax calculation,
Preparation of monthly/quarterly/annual tax returns for income tax, VAT, real estate tax, environmental tax, other taxes, in accordance with the law,
Submission of reports to the tax authorities,
Tax planning,
Assessment of tax risks,
Tax advice,
Accompanying requests to relevant state bodies, support of tax audits.
Results Timing Price

The term of this service is established by agreement of the parties at the conclusion of the contract.

The cost of the service depends on the volume of necessary labor costs of specialists and is determined on the basis of the data you provide about the activities of the organization. We will send you a data entry form upon your first request.


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