Tax audit

Tax audit

Being in the legal field thanks to a competently conducted tax audit ensures the stability and long-term presence of your company on the market, and also makes it possible to protect your business from excessive attention of fiscal authorities.

Applying for this type of audit, you will receive a complete analysis of the financial statements of your business, assistance in the return of already paid tax fees (if possible), optimization of your tax costs.

A tax audit is necessary if you want to:

Ensure that there are no grounds for applying tax sanctions, including before a tax audit;
Evaluate the work of various services, divisions and departments responsible for the calculation and payment of taxes, or reorganize or update them;
Determine the most profitable ways of taxing certain areas of business, operations, including their optimal legal qualification and documentation;
Find out the magnitude of tax risks, assess the possible consequences, determine the cost of their elimination;
Determine the possibility of legitimate tax optimization, calculate possible savings, including all risks associated with savings
Includes: Questions: Price
  • Analysis of accounting policy provisions for tax accounting purposes;
  • Checking the tax accounting procedure for compliance with the requirements of the legislation and the current accounting policy;
  • Checking the correctness of determining the object of taxation;
  • Checking the correctness of the formation of the taxable base;
  • Checking the correctness of the application of the tax rate;
  • Checking the correctness or possibility of applying tax benefits;
  • Formation of the final amount of tax payable;
  • Completing tax returns

land tax; transfer pricing; environmental tax; excises; customs payments; the correctness of the application of specific surveillance modes (USN, residents of the HTP, SEZ, the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone"); audit of tax risks; other issues related to taxation.

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Service provision period:
The term for the audit is drawn up by agreement of the parties when concluding an audit contract.

Cost of services: The cost of an audit depends on the amount of necessary labor costs of specialists and is determined on the basis of the data you provide on the activities of the organization. We will send you a data entry form upon your first request.