Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence

To learn everything about a potential partner at the stage of planning a deal with him, we offer to use the service of legal due diligence review. In the course of which, we will be able to assess the possible legal risks of such a partnership, the prospects for cooperation and everything that affects not only the efficiency of investing your funds, but also the business reputation of your company.

The company’s experts will conduct a legal analysis of the organization and indicate the circumstances that will help reduce business risks.

Legal expertise (Due Diligence) includes:

Analysis of constituent documents, verification of the property rights of the founders of the company;
Analysis of the company's rights to movable and immovable property, financial investments in the capital of other companies;
Legitimacy of decisions made by the company's management bodies;
Checking disputes with third parties, the presence of litigation, seizure of property;
Identification of business risks, claims of counterparties and state control bodies;
Checking the availability of the necessary licenses to carry out activities;
Analysis of compliance with labor legislation;
Study of narrow areas of the company's activities, such as verification of environmental management, foreign economic activity, some of the company's transactions of a one-time nature, etc.
Additionally Timing Price

If necessary, we will conduct additional financial and tax expertise or a comprehensive due diligence, depending on your request.

The term of this service is established by agreement of the parties at the conclusion of the contract.

The cost of the service depends on the volume of necessary labor costs of specialists and is determined on the basis of the data you provide about the activities of the organization. We will send you a data entry form upon your first request.