HR audit

HR audit

An HR audit allows you to get complete information about the current state of HR records management in your company and minimize the risks of financial losses and possible penalties.

Documents checked during the personnel audit:
  • local legal documents;
  • job and work instructions;
  • work books;
  • personal files of employees;
  • labor contracts and contracts;
  • timesheets;
  • orders for personnel and personnel;
  • orders for core business;
  • registers of personnel records;
  • other documents reflecting the working conditions in the organization.
Questions of personnel audit:
  • Assessment of the state of personnel records in the organization;
  • checking for compliance with the rules for issuing primary personnel records (employment agreements, assignments to another job, termination of employment, sending an employee on vacation, bonuses and penalties, sending on a business trip, as well as scheduling vacations, staffing , personal forms of employees, timesheets, job descriptions);
  • verification of compliance with storage standards and the procedure for filling out work books, analysis of their maintenance;
  • drawing up recommendations for a systematic approach to office work (keeping journals, compiling time sheets, scheduling);
  • identification of missing documents;
  • identification of documentation that is excessively compiled in the organization;
  • drawing up recommendations for the distribution of work of employees responsible for the material part;
  • advising on the audit of personnel services.
Results Timing Price

The term of this service is established by agreement of the parties at the conclusion of the contract.

The cost of the service depends on the volume of necessary labor costs of specialists and is determined on the basis of the data you provide about the activities of the organization. We will send you a data entry form upon your first request.